Speed II Cob/Horse
Speed II Cob/Horse
Speed II Cob/Horse
Speed II Cob/Horse

Speed II Cob/Horse #24780

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Midwestern Values, Customized Service, Quality Carriages.   Offering European made Poj-Kon horse & pony marathon, presentation, training, & commercial vehicles, & carts for all levels of carriage drivers. | Midwest Custom Carriages

Single Cob/Horse Speed II in stock. Steel Blue with Gray Aluminum stripe.  This Speed II marathon vehicle includes:

  • Stainless sides, dash, handles, spokes, shafts, singletree
  • Front Elmex (shock absorber) suspension
  • Rear double elliptic spring suspension
  • Rear brakes standard
  • Fifth wheel brake on driver’s pedal
  • Suede seat provides grip and stability
  • Rear cushions with raised edge for stability
  • Adjustable navigator handle bar
  • Navigator platform ridge to find the center & brace against
  • 126 cm wheel track
  • 425 lbs. with shafts and tools

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