Carriage Parts

Carriage Parts

We can supply any parts you need for Poj-Kon Carriages!

That being said, very little ever goes wrong with Poj-Kon carriages, but if you decide you need, say, pnuematic wheels or telescoping shafts for a carriage that didn’t come with them, we can put those on our next container from Poland.

Large parts need to be shipped on a container. It is way too expensive to ship them individually from Poland. 

We keep many smaller parts in stock, like air bags and brake master cylinders.

If you have a modern vehicle made by a company other than Poj-Kon, you need to contact that company for parts. Most parts are not interchangable. Shaft bases are made differently between companies, wheels fit on specialized axles, etc. Some parts may be able to be obtained from your local auto parts store.

For traditional vehicles, our sister company, IVC Carriage, carries most parts for traditional wooden vehicles.