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Our training carriages are well-suited for daily work, comfortable recreational driving, lower level CDEs, or crossing over into pleasure driving competitions.  The vast majority of our customers doing purely recreational driving are using a training carriage because of the built-in comfort designed for people who spend long hours in a carriage!

The Training Nano is a mini to small pony pair vehicle, and is suited to bulkier small single ponies.  The HA 0 is a new model for medium ponies.  The Nano Max series is popular for lg. ponies through lg. horse pairs.  The Max Pass Thru features an easier rear-mounting style to walk through to the front of the vehicle.  The Training Break is suited to large drafts singles and pairs.  

All base model vehicles are fully driveable. Click on the training carriage name below to learn what is standard equipment.  Typical training vehicle options are on this page.

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