Carriage Colors

One of the most fun parts about ordering a carriage is selecting the colors!  Poj-Kon uses standard RAL paint colors.  If that task seems daunting for you, don't fret!  We are here to help.  See our suggestions at the bottom of this page for selecting a classy, tasteful, resellable carriage.

Paint Color Options

To see a good color chart from which you can select the color of your carriage, see this website:  Color Chart

 Stain Color Options


Dark Walnut




Medium Walnut




Red Mahogany

Upholstery Options

There are quite a few options for upholstery colors.  The thread color for the upholstery can be the same as the vinyl color, or a contrasting color. If you choose to use an alternate color, matching the paint or striping color makes for a good look.  

Black Grained
Black Smooth
Lt. Brown
Medium Brown
Dark Brown

Color Suggestions

From our experience, if you want a carriage a certain color, select a color one or two shades darker than you think. The sample may look dark, but on that larger area, it becomes much brighter than you would expect.  

Select a striping color with enough contrast to be seen, but not so bold as to add too many colors to the carriage.  If the carriage color is bold, select a more neutral stripe.  If the carriage color is more neutral, you can select a more bold striping.  

Remember, plan for the idea that you may sell your vehicle at some point.  This may be far off in the future, but if you plan your colors smartly, you can retain the resale value.  The color of a carriage can make or break the resale regardless of the condition or features!  You may love the idea of hot pink, but very few others may, which reduces the pool of people who may purchase your carriage.  

Carriage Color Suggestions

Basic Black RAL 9005 Jet Black
Red RAL 3003 Ruby Red
Burgundy RAL 3005 Wine Red
Royal Blue RAL 5013 Cobalt Blue
Navy Blue RAL 5011 Steel Blue
Medium Green RAL 6005 Moss Green
Olive Green RAL 6007 Bottle Green
Dark Green RAL 6009 Fir Green

Striping Suggestions

Beige RAL 1001 Beige
Ivory RAL 1014 Ivory
Lt. Gray Metallic RAL 9006 White Aluminum
Med. Gray Metallic RAL 9007 Grey Aluminum
Gold Metallic RAL 1036 Pearl Gold
Red RAL 3001 Signal Red
Royal Blue RAL 5005 Signal Blue
Bright Green RAL 6026 Opal Green
Med. Gray RAL 7004 Signal Gray