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Marathon Carriages

Midwestern Values, Customized Service, Quality Carriages.   Offering European made Poj-Kon horse & pony marathon, presentation, training, & commercial vehicles, & carts for all levels of carriage drivers. | Midwest Custom Carriages
Smooth & Strong
Designed to handle rough terrain and tight courses.
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We offer top quality, competitively priced marathon carriages suitable for training, competition, and recreation.  Our quality marathon carriages are designed to handle rough terrain and tight courses, yet remain quiet and smooth. We offer beginners to advanced drivers marathon carriages that will perform for years to come. 

The Speed II series includes well-made marathon vehicles designed to have reduced weight from the heavier European-style vehicles.  The Lightning High Bar series is available for the less able-bodied driver by featuring an additional step in the back to be considerably easier on the knees and a higher grab handle behind the seat to allow the driver to pull up with the high bar. 

Not all Polish-made vehicles are equal or are built by the same company.  Make sure you are getting a vehicle you will be able to enjoy for decades!

All base model vehicles are fully driveable and have a standard track width of 126 cm. Click on the carriage names below to learn what is standard equipment.  Typical options for Marathon Vehicles are available here.

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