Weight and Pricing

The first thing most of our customers want to know about our carriages is
“How much does it weigh?” and “How much will it cost?”
While we can give you a range, we can’t answer those questions accurately without some information from you. 

About weight:

Each style of vehicle comes in various sizes. For example, the Spider Phaeton comes in Single Pony to Large Horse sizes, as well as Mini Pair to Large Horse Pair. Each size vehicle will weigh differently. Certain options can raise or lower the weight. By contacting us directly, we can work with you to get close to your target weight and determine which options will be necessary to get there.

About price:

You will notice that we don’t put the prices of our options on our website. That is because we don’t charge any margin on options. You pay what the current price is from the factory according to the current Euro exchange rate. The only margin we take is on the base vehicle itself. This helps keep the cost down for you, the customer.

To get an idea what our vehicles cost, peruse our In-Stock and Sold Vehicle pages, keeping in mind that the Euro exchange rate might have been different when those vehicles were ordered. In order to get a true price for your vehicle, we will need to know:

#1 – What style and model of vehicle in which you are interested

#2 – What size horse it is for

#3 – What options you are considering

If you need help with any of these considerations, please contact us directly, and we can work with you to get the best vehicle for your needs, wants, and budget!