Presentation Standard Equipment & Options

The base vehicle for each Poj-Kon model is a fully driveable, safe, well-balanced, well-built horse carriage.  There are some choices in basic features that are included in the base price.  

With our experience, we can help you decide what options you may want.  By becoming more informed about your purchase, you will save time, money, and headaches!

To choose colors and other aesthetic options, see here.

Customize Your Presentation Carriage

Dash - choice
     No dash - wood toe board - standard
     Painted wood & steel rein rail – standard
     Stained wood & steel rein rail – standard 
     Stainless steel rein rail – optional
Shafts - choice
     Painted, adjustable steel gig style - standard
     Painted or stained wood - standard
Singletree - choice
     Painted steel - standard
     Painted or stained wood duel roller bolt - standard
     Snap shackles for singletree - optional
Wheels - choice
     Hard rubber - standard
     Pneumatic (air filled) - standard
     Both hard rubber and pneumatic - optional
Hubs - choice
     Standard hubs - brass or stainless presentation hubs
     Quick Change hubs - standard
Front Brakes - choice
     No front brakes – standard
     BIT front brakes – optional
     Brembo front brakes - optional
Rear Brakes - choice
     BIT rear brakes - standard
     Brembo rear brakes - optional
Front Suspension - choice
     Two spring – standard
     Three spring - standard
     Trailing Arm (airbags) – optional on larger vehicles 
Rear Suspension - choice
     Two spring - standard
     Half-elliptic - standard
     Trailing Arm (airbag) – optional
Whip Socket - choice
     Painted - standard
     Brass - standard
     Chrome – standard
Seat Back - choice
     Horizontal rail seat back – standard
     Solid seat back – optional
     Spindle seat back – optional
Seat Material - choice
     Vinyl wedge seat - standard
     Suede wedge seat – optional
Other Options
     Vinyl seat cover – optional
     Fifth Wheel Brake – optional
     Delayed Steering – optional
     Lamps - set of three - optional
     Pair converter and pole - optional