About Poj-Kon

Midwest Custom Carriages offers excellent quality vehicles made by Poj-Kon of Poland. The owner is Stanislaw Michalowski. Poj-Kon (meaning Horse Carriage) makes carriages to our specs, allowing the client to customize it to their needs. They are known for their exceptional materials and outstanding workmanship.

The POJ-KON (pronounced Poy-Con) company was established in 1990 as a family business. They have produced nearly 30,000 horse carriages in Poland used worldwide from recreational drivers to World Champions!  They keep the tradition that their Fathers and Grandfathers created. The artisanal methods of producing carriages developed by them are supplemented by introducing innovative technologies. Thanks to the automation of production, they can shorten the production time of the carriage, and also guarantee a very high quality of the product.

They make a wide range of horse carriages; Marathons, Wagonettes, and Training vehicles as well as Spiders, Breaks, Gigs, Victorias and Vis a Vis. They have about 50 different models of horse carriages. Their horse carriages are perfect for recreation, training, and professional driving competitions.

They have a wide range of additional equipment, such as INOX sides, INOX grab handles, wheels, wheel rims, INOX spokes, and other INOX parts (stainless steel), different types of brakes and different technical conveniences: roofs, tables, boxes under the seats, etc. Customers have a wide range of the colors of carriages and upholstery they can choose from. For several years, they have been producing handicap accessible carriages. These carriages are equipped with ramps with holders which enable the handicapped to get on the carriage safely. On the floor of the carriage, there are special fastenings for wheelchairs, which ensure their stability.

They use their many years’ experience and knowledge, and the experience of their qualified workers, to concentrate their efforts on perfect workmanship.  The fact that their clients regularly use their carriages is the best confirmation that they meet their expectations.

We invite you to examine and compare MCC vehicles to see why they are some of the safest, most reliable, and best valued carriages on the market today.