About MCC

Midwest Custom Carriages LLC is a joining of Chad and Myrna Rhinehart, owners of IVC Carriage (Carriage Driving Equipment), and John Freiburger, owner of Hickory Knoll Farm. Each family has had a long history with carriage driving, exhibiting horses, ponies, pairs, and multiples in both Pleasure Shows and Combined Driving Events. This experience allows us to guide and advise you to find the right vehicle, matching your needs, budget, and goals the first time.

Midwest Custom Carriages offers excellent quality vehicles to both the new and experienced driver. Our vehicles are made by Poj-Kon of Poland.  Poj-Kon (meaning Horse Carriage) makes carriages to our specs, allowing the client to customize it to their needs. They are known for their exceptional materials and outstanding workmanship.  POJ-KON (pronounced Poy-Con) has been in business for over 30 years and so far they have produced nearly 30,000 carriages.

Poj-Kon builds for other high-end carriage companies from other countries, and allows them to “brand” their vehicles with their own name.  When you purchase a Poj-Kon horse carriage from MCC, you are getting the exact same quality as those higher-end vehicles without the higher-end price. Hence…the excellent value of a Poj-Kon from MCC.

There are other cut-rate Polish carriage companies which do not build to the exacting standards of Poj-Kon, hence their cheaper price. Do not be lead astray. They are NOT built in the same factory as Poj-Kon vehicles!

We are very glad that the carriages produced by Poj-Kon are so highly regarded by our customers. We look forward to your orders. Thank you for the appreciation of our efforts and your trust.

We invite you to examine and compare MCC vehicles to see why they are some of the safest, most reliable, and best valued carriages on the market today.