Poj-Kon Horse Carriage Features and Benefits

Why Midwest Custom Carriages?

We have a phrase we like to tell customers…”We’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.”

We’ve bought and drove the cheaper vehicles. We’ve dealt with the noise, the looseness, and the breakage. We’ve hit posts only to knock the vehicle cockeyed with one bump. We’ve gotten to the point where we didn’t want to drive anymore because we didn’t like the jarring ride and couldn’t hear ourselves think over the rattling.

We’ve worked with the more expensive ones. We don’t see the advantage of paying more for the same or lesser construction, or for a certain “name”.

Which brings us to the next question…

Why Poj-Kon Horse Carriages?

Simply…excellent value. The construction is second to none. The welds are strong and clean. The finish is smooth and shiny. The balance is impeccable. The ride is unsurpassed. The vehicle is quiet and comfortable!  And your Poj-Kon horse carriage will stay that way over decades!  Poj-Kon Carriages are made in Poland by the Michalowski family for over 30 years.

Poj-Kon builds for other high-end carriage companies you’ve probably heard of, such as Hansmeier, Leon, & Leitner, and allows them to brand their vehicles with their own name.  Many of those companies also charge for that name. When you purchase a Poj-Kon horse carriage from MCC, you are getting the exact same quality as a higher-end vehicle without the higher-end price. Hence…the excellent value of a Poj-Kon from MCC.