Myrna Rhinehart

Myrna Rhinehart handles the majority of the marketing for MCC, as well as the operations for IVC Carriage. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and a Master’s in Human and Community Resources. Over the years, she has shown Western, Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat, Jumping, Trail, and speed events. She started competing in American Driving Society carriage shows in 2000. She has also driven pairs and tandems. She enjoys the elegance and varied classes of Pleasure Driving shows, but has shown, groomed, and navigated for CDEs as well. Myrna has shown successfully at not only shows in the Midwest, but also at the Walnut Hill Carriage Driving Competition in NY, the CAA Carriage Festival in KY and won numerous championships at the Villa Louis Carriage Classic. In 2011, she earned an ADS Pleasure Driving Achievement Award. She was elected to the ADS Board of Directors in 2011 as the Midwest Regional Director. She has also served on the ADS Bylaws and Governance Committee, and was the Chair of the ADS Education Committee on which she still serves. She and her husband, Chad, also serve as coaches for Jordyn Anderson, the 2019 and 2020 ADS Youth Pleasure Driving National Champion.