Quality Carriages

The best aspect of Poj-Kon vehicles is simple…excellent value. The construction is second to none. The welds are strong and clean. The finish is smooth and shiny. The balance is impeccable. The ride is unsurpassed. The vehicle is quiet and comfortable! And your Poj-Kon will stay that way over decades!

Poj-Kon builds for other high-end carriage companies in other countries, and allows them to “brand” their vehicles with their own name, which may be why you haven’t heard the name “Poj-Kon”. Many of those companies also charge extra for that name. When you purchase a Poj-Kon from MCC, you are getting that same exact quality as those higher-end vehicles without the higher-end price. Hence…the excellent value of a Poj-Kon from MCC. Poj-Kon does not build for other Polish carriage companies. Don’t be led astray by cheaper, inferior Polish-made vehicles!

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