HA 0 Pony - Base Price
HA 0 Pony - Base Price
HA 0 Pony - Base Price
HA 0 Pony - Base Price

HA 0 Pony - Base Price

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The HA 0 carriage is a new Pony/Cob size trainer.  Taller than a marathon vehicle, it is a great all-purpose carriage, perfect for training, driven dressage practice, and recreational driving with smaller horses.  In addition to the driver, the HA 0 carriage seats two people in the rear.  An optional pole and adapter converts it to a light pair trainer.

Base HA 0 vehicle starts at around $7545 (depending on the Euro exchange rate) and includes:

  • Adjustable steel, closed-end shafts (painted or powder coated)
  • Step pads on shafts
  • Painted steel padded singletree
  • Rear hydraulic no-rust disc BIT brakes
  • Parking brake
  • Driver’s vinyl bucket seat, two flat wagonette-style seats in the back
  • Hard rubber or pneumatic tires
  • Painted steel frame
  • Painted steel spokes and rims
  • Spring suspension (air bags not available on this model)
  • Whip holder
  • Shipping to Reedsburg, WI

Typical options for Training carriages are available here.

Popular options to consider for the HA 0:

  • Stainless parts to resist scratching and rust - shafts, singletree, spokes, dash, rub rails. 
  • Suede seat - holds the driver well
  • Fifth wheel brake
  • Presentation step hubs for easier mounting

(Vehicle shown includes optional features.)

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