VH - 1 Marathon Vehicle
VH - 1 Marathon Vehicle
VH - 1 Marathon Vehicle
VH - 1 Marathon Vehicle
VH - 1 Marathon Vehicle
VH - 1 Marathon Vehicle
VH - 1 Marathon Vehicle
VH - 1 Marathon Vehicle

VH-1 Large Horse In Stock #25298

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Midwestern Values, Customized Service, Quality Carriages.   Offering European made Poj-Kon horse & pony marathon, presentation, training, & commercial vehicles, & carts for all levels of carriage drivers. | Midwest Custom Carriages

New model with sleek lines and excellent performance!  The entire vehicle is robotically-welded for precision in construction. The inclined seat provides more adjustability for the driver while keeping the low center of gravity. The scooped out navigator cushions hug the navigator's body to put them in the correct location on the carriage to be the most effective. Grab handles mounted to the seat allows the navigator to be closer to the driver than ever before. In addition, the navigator platform is lowered to provide more stability in high-performance driving!

Dark green with cream striping.  This Large Horse VH-1 marathon vehicle includes:

  • Stainless sides, dash, handles, spokes, shafts, singletree
  • Front Elmex (shock absorber) suspension
  • Rear spring and Elmex suspension
  • Front and rear no rust brakes
  • Fifth wheel brake on driver’s pedal
  • Stainless delayed steering
  • Extra seat back for short driver
  • Navigator platform ridge to find the center & brace against
  • Clear number and paperwork holders on back and both sides of seat
  • Weather resistant storage bag for tools
  • Vinyl seat cover included
  • 126 cm wheel track
  • 538 lbs. with shafts and tools

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